Our history begins in 1720 when the owner obtained permission from de General Intendency of Catalonia to build a paper mill. Was in 1722 when the construction of the paper mill “Cal Tort” was completed, and in 1725 Miquel family begins producing paper by hand.

One hundred and fifty-two years after, in 1877, Miquel & Costas brothers, synonymous of cigarette paper, are settled in “Cal Tort”. From there, exactly in 1880, Miquel & Costas begins producing cigarette papers under the brand “El Pino”. Was in 1924 when Miquel & Costas launched to the market a second new brand: “Smoking”, which still sells.

In 1990 MB Papeles Especiales S.A. is created, in which Miquel & Costas Group has a 50% holding. Six years later, in 1996, MB established a new energy power plant, and in 1999 a new paper machine (PM2) started to produce special papers.

Beginning the new century, in 2002, the company acquires the full control of MB Papeles Especiales, S.A. But was in 2006 when a new era began in MB: Overlay Papers becomes the flagship.

Since 2010 to our days MB has opened the door to a new range of special papers. Today we are still improving our processes to serve the best special papers to our costumers.