Antibacterial Vacfilt

This filter provide a reliable fungi and bacteriostatic effect against a wide spectrum of germs and Dust Mites. Properties and Applications: -       Antimicrobial chemical according to American law regulation (Environmental Protection Agency-EPA). -       Good skin tolerance according to OECD 404 (irritation) and OECD 406 (sensitisation) test. -       Antibacterial and antimycotic effect on paper is checked by means of Bacterial and Fungus resistance Swiss Test (SN 195920 and SN 195921). -       Sanitized Test: Laboratory test show the difference between a treated and not treated sample. Treated sample and its peripherical zone are exempt of all germs and fungus. Our Grades: BT grades Antibacterial treatment (Sanitized Certificate) OC grades Antiodour treatment (Sanitized Certificate) sanitized-new-logo