MB Papers focus his R&D strategy following the market requests. For us, the customers’ requirements are the most important. Our projects are based on in-depth understanding of customers needs, providing solutions that add value to their business. Research shows that the best sources of growth start with new customer insights. Therefore we work closely with clients supporting them with technical services and tailor-made products.
To make this real we develop opportunities making a pro-active search, market analysis and research and developing new ideas focused on a collaborative approach to success. In this sense we develop a network of technological centers, universities, suppliers and end users opened to collaborate. Ex. “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), “Institut Químic de Sarrià” (IQS), “Centre Technique du Papier” of Grenoble (CTP)… These corporations help us to be in the leading edge of technology and develop a technological capital with innovation results, patents, etc… We benefit from the skills of our partners: tools, knowhow, etc.

R&D Activities

We work everyday in new product developments based on sustainable processes:

– Tailor-made products.
– Unique and differentiated products.
– Improved existing pulp and papers.
– Use of renewable non-wood fibers as raw materials, being leaders in this sector (flax, hemp, sisal, abaca, jute, cotton…).
– Environmentally and energetically sustainable process based on best available techniques.
– Cost efficiency.
– Optimized performance adding new capabilities and improving existing equipment.

R&D+i tasks are carried out in modern laboratories fully equipped with the following tools:

– Pilot Plants: cooking, bleaching, refining.
– Lab Instruments: Fiber analyzers (Kajaani FS300, Fiber Testers L&W 912), Gas Chromatography with head space, UV-VIS and FTIR Spectrometers, HPLC, Diffusivity Meters, Atomic Absorption, spectroscopy, TSO analyzers, etc.
– All instruments are placed in the production centers and adapted to the specific technology and products developed in each one.