R&D+i Activities

We work everyday in new product developments based on sustainable processes:

– Tailor-made products.
– Unique and differentiated products
– Improved existing pulp and papers
– Use of renewable non-wood fibers as raw materials, being leaders in this sector (flax, hemp, sisal, abaca, jute, cotton…)
– Environmentally and energetically sustainable process based on best available techniques
– Cost efficiency
– Optimized performance adding new capabilities and improving existing equipment

R&D+i tasks are carried out in modern laboratories fully equipped with the following tools:

– Pilot Plants: cooking, bleaching, refining
– Lab Instruments: Fiber analyzers (Kajaani FS300, Fiber Testers L&W 912), Gas Chromatography with head space, UV-VIS and FTIR Spectrometers, HPLC, Diffusivity Meters, Atomic Absorption, spectroscopy, TSO analyzers, etc.
– All instruments are placed in the production centers and adapted to the specific technology and products developed in each one.