About us



MB Papers is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of special papers. Mainly filter paper. Due to its great versatility. In the last few years it has developed new qualities and specialities.

With the special characteristics of its final products, MB boasts two independent departments which nonetheless work closely together the Quality Control Department that guarantees the highest Quality of its products and the Research and Development Department that deals in the field of research. As well as having the unconditional support of the Production Department in order to daily improve its products and at the same time create new ones. In this way and thanks to the work and collaboration of the variours departments, new research projects constantly arise which are carried out to always offer the best possible service its final customers.

Forming part of Miquel y Costas & Miquel Group, with 300 years of experience in papermaking, we have the following keys:

– Vertical integration, from the pulp production process until the commercialization of the final product.
– Asset flexibility provides the capacity to adapt production to market demand.
– Important R&D activity of the Group together with its quality policy allows being a worldwide reference in the sector.
– Our permanent commitment to continuous improvement of processes allows us to have a high degree of efficiency in our operations.
– Compromised with environmental.