Adhesive Industry

Plaster Tape / DST

Adhesive solutions

MB Papeles Especiales, S.A. has different qualities of paper of 13-35 g/m2, which are mainly distinguished by their properties in mechanical resistance as well as dimensional stability, sheet formation, thickness and porosity of the paper. These are important characteristics which mark the grade and speed of the adhesive absorption.

Plaster Tape

Our Plaster Tape grades are used as carrier on the production of surgical adhesive tapes. With substance of 32 and 35 g/m2 suitable to be used in:

  • Direct Coating Process
  • Transfer Coating Process



DST (Double Sided Tape) is the category of papers designed to be used as tissue carriers for adhesives tapes, especially double-sided tapes. DST qualities offer high performance in coating units and excellent adhesive tape properties for a wide range of applications, from sanitary and healthcare to industrial uses.

Our Grades: